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The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska.

Ade' ndadz dengit'a?
(Deg Xinag)
"Hello, how are you?"

Alaska Career Ready

Alaskan employers use resumes, performance summaries, transcripts of educational achievements, references and other work related experience to measure a candidate’s qualifications and job skills. A way to demonstrate to the employer that a person has obtained the basic foundational skills required is by earning an Alaska Career Readiness certificate that allows for quick comparisons between a person’s skill level and the requirements of the job. This credential also assists employers with evaluating current employees for further training and promotional opportunities.

Alaska Career Ready is a joint effort between the Departments of Labor and Workforce Development and Education and Early Development that allows students and adult job-seekers to evaluate their readiness for work, college and occupational training and to improve the basic skills valued by employers and educators.

The WorkKeys® assessment system is a comprehensive employability skills assessment tool designed by the American College Testing program ( ACT) to help employers and individuals develop better workplace skills. WorkKeys® assessments match an individual’s employability skills with the demands of a particular occupation. Employability skills are those skills that an individual will need to be successful in the workplace. The fit between skills and the demands of the job has a direct impact on a person’s ability to gain and retain employment.

The Alaska Career Readiness Certificate provides a job seeker with a skill-based credential that enhance career potential. It shows an employer that you can handle the kinds of tasks that are common in today’s workplace - locating information in a graphical format, reading instructions and directions, and working with math.

Want to see what skills a job requires and brush up on those skills? Take a free placement test and practice with the free instructional software called WorkKeys Curriculum, available at your nearest job center!