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Hire a Veteran

Looking for the Best – Hire a Vet

Many Alaskan employers have discovered the option of hiring veterans, particularly recently separated service members, and military retirees. Today’s military service members are extremely well trained, highly motivated, and well educated – probably more so than most civilian employers realize. Alaska’s labor market is fortunate to have a large population of America’s most capable job seekers – veterans! Contact your local Alaska Job Center Network office to help find the veteran who will get the job done.

Today’s Veterans – Well Trained Coming Out

Employers in today’s swiftly changing world know that worker “trainability” is often the key to success. Since rigorous in-service training is a regular feature of military preparedness, service members have learned to absorb instruction quickly. They’ve been trained to be trainable. Indeed, today’s veterans will have spent one-quarter of their military careers either as students or instructors in their various specialties.

Experienced – Computer Literate

In addition to rigorous training, today’s veterans have sophisticated and up-to-date work experience in hundreds of occupational specialties, many of which require them to be computer literate. Not surprising, a great deal of these skills are directly transferable to Alaska’s economy.

The military has traditionally encouraged its service members to take advantage of continuing education programs. Indeed, over ninety-five percent of military officers possess baccalaureate degrees, and thirty-five percent have earned a masters degree or higher. A significant number of non-commissioned officers have earned their associates’ or bachelor’s degrees.

Conscientious and Hard Working

Potential employers also benefit from the outstanding work ethic that military service instills. Service members are taught early on to pay meticulous attention to detail. Follow-up, persistence, and pride in doing one’s best, are all hallmarks found in the military. Veterans know how to set priorities, how to work under pressure, and how to function as part of a team. If you are an employer who values these traits, why look any further?

Veterans Industries can also assist your business

Veterans Industries’ mission is to provide rehabilitation in the area of work restoration. The objective being to assist veterans develop work tolerance, good working habits and skills for successful community re-entry. Veterans Industries offers supportive employment at actual industry and service locations in the community. This provides veterans the opportunity to develop employment references, appropriate work habits, funds for community re-entry and an avenue to achieve their vocational goals.

Employer Benefits

· Eliminates payroll taxes, insurance, unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation, etc.
· Reduces payroll-processing costs.
· Provides reliable help at an affordable cost.
· Reduces hiring costs.
· Provides a partnership with a veteran organization.
· All veteran applicants will be pre-screened.
· Provides a risk free look at a potential employee.
· Free on-going drug screening for veteran participants.
· You select the employee.
· On-the-job training.
· Follow-up services provided by Veterans Industries staff.

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John Purkey
Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Industries/Compensated Work Therapy (VI/CWT)
3001 C Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
phone: 907-273-4057


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